Wheels Up is a membership-based private aviation company that significantly reduces the cost of flying private while providing unparalleled flexibility and service. The safety, comfort and consistency of a private fleet delivered in a whole new way.

Wheels Up is pleased to offer Squaw Valley members the following special benefits to simply and affordably access private aviation through the Wheels Up program.


Join Wheels Up by paying an initiation fee of $17,500.

Receive one (1) complimentary round trip flight on the Wheels Up – Squaw Valley Shuttle with the purchase of a Wheels Up membership.

Squaw Valley Shuttles

The Squaw Valley Shuttle is the fastest way to get straight to Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows! Leaving from San Jose, this 48-minute flight can be booked for as low as $800 per seat.

Why join Wheels Up?

For a low initiation fee and low annual dues, member’s who join receive:

  • Guaranteed occupied hourly pricing on a pay as you fly basis
  • Pre-purchase programs available with increased guaranteed availability and shorter call-out periods
  • Flexible aircraft options to meet your mission needs including the Cessna Citation Excel & exclusive access to the King Air 350i
  • Experience the renowned Wheels Down lifestyle, events and partnership benefits program

*All flights are subject to availability and the terms and conditions of the Wheels Up membership program

Contact Wheels Up for more information